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Level:100 Ability:Aura Break Moves:Land’s Wrath, Outrage, Extreme Speed, Glare
Level:100 Ability:Fairy Aura Moves:Geomancy, Moonblast, Aromatherapy, Focus Blast
Shiny Xerneas
Level:100 Ability:Dark Aura Moves:Oblivion Wing, Sucker Punch, Dark Pulse, Foul Play
Shiny Yveltal

Get a Legendary Pokémon Trio!

Celebrating the debut of Pokémon the Series: XYZ, for a short time, you can get three powerful Legendary Pokémon from the Kalos region—Xerneas, Yveltal, and Zygarde—via Nintendo Network! What's more, the Xerneas and Yveltal you'll receive are Shiny, making them incredibly rare, especially for a Legendary Pokémon! These Pokémon are all Lv. 100, and know their signature attacks as well as other powerful moves.

Be sure to look for Zygarde and more amazing Pokémon in Pokémon the Series: XYZ!

Each Pokémon will be available via Nintendo Network for one week only:

  • May 2–8: Zygarde
  • May 11–17: Shiny Xerneas
  • May 20–26: Shiny Yveltal

Don't miss your chance to get this trio of amazing Legendary Pokémon while you can!

To get a Pokémon via Nintendo Network:


Select MYSTERY GIFT on the main menu.


Select MYSTERY GIFT, then YES.


Select GET VIA INTERNET, then YES, then YES again to connect to the Internet.


Watch as you receive the Pokémon.


Speak to the delivery girl in any Pokémon Center to receive the Pokémon.


Be sure to save your game.

Watch now
Be sure to look for Zygarde and
more amazing Pokémon in
Pokémon the Series: XYZ!
Three great Legendary Pokémon-EX are revealed in the Pokémon TCG: Shiny Kalos Tins!